Sunday, February 12, 2012


When you think of a BAMF, who comes to mind?  Probably not this guy, but I'd say he fits the bill.....
This is Juan Jose Mendez, and he's a paralympic track cyclist with an obvious handicap.  I love this picture, because despite the handicap, there is shear determination in his face and he looks like he's flying! 

Today was a big day for BAMF's as Lance Armstrong rekindled my 1999 man-crush on him by coming in a close second in his first on-road triathlon since his early days before he stole babies from the Frenchies at the Tour de France.  I figured he'd throw down a 4:05 or something for today's Panama 70.3 half ironman, but 3:50?!?!?!  Never mind he's 40 now.  Awesome.
Awesome performance in Panama today by Juan Pelota himself.

So why all this talk about BAMF's and what does that have to do with the Richter Kid and his training?  I woke up for the Sunday Morning 10 Miler to find 9 degree windchill temps and near 20 mph winds. Earlier in the week I had tried to breathe some life into this (lately) poorly attended run amongst the locals by adding on a pot-luck style breakfast in the park afterwards.  When the forecast told of winter's ugliness that would collide with my plans I was afraid the event would unravel before any of us even woke up.  But what a great group that showed up today!  Tyler and Jarrod made a longer run out of it and tore up the course running 6:30's or better.  Choo came out on tired legs from placing 3rd in a 5K yesterday and ran some early social miles with us.  Amy (after running 12 miles prior) kept me company for a fast (for me!) 69 minute 10 miler - damn, she's a BAMF for real! Marina, Jason, Emily, Lizz, John, Katie, and Troy toughed out their run as well, and though we all started with numb fingers and frozen snot we completed our run and even finished what we said we would do by having a freezing breakfast in the park.  Angie, Vince, Hank, and Tyler's girlfriend (I didn't get her name!) came out to support - more BAMF's! - and eat with us, and even though we never got the eggs or bacon cooked in the frigid temps we at least had great coffee, fruit, shrimp and grits, muffins and more!  On a day where many enjoyed the comfort of their warm beds, this crowd showed they were BAMF's and got out in the cold and carried out what they said they would do.  And that's damn inspiring to this.............BHMF!!!!
The Breakfast in the Park crew warms up after a great Sunday Morning 10 (or whatevah) Miler!!