Friday, January 5, 2018

Getting Frosty in 2018!

I have some “sweet” news! I’m racing with The Cupcake Cartel this season! This is the team’s first year, started by pro triathletes Callum Millward and Alise Selsmark. The name is an extension of Callum’s “Cupcakes With Cal” brand – a bunch of really entertaining interviews he’s done with some other pros, all involving cupcakes of course.

Putting together this season in my mind I feel like muffin could be better than making some changes to pump up the gumption. Not to sugar coat but The Cartel feels like a perfect fit - a fun group of triathletes that can be themselves, support each other, without taking themselves or their results too seriously……….or at least not as seriously as they take their cupcakes.

Oh yeah. The website is if you want to learn more. But if you do a Google search of “cupcake cartel” you’ll get a lot of images of women in bikinis who don’t look like they’ve ever tried a cupcake before. I’m pretty sure that’s not the group I signed up with. At least I think so. If it is I’m gonna look kinda silly in the kits they were modeling.

Anyway, more to come…….for now this is just the icing on the cake!